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  1. Install dependencies:

    cabal install graphscc cmdargs mtl

    The 'mtl' dependency is really anything providing 'Control.Monad.State'.

  2. Get the code:

    git clone; cd haskellcontracts

  3. Build the checker and pull in the examples:

    make; make egs

  4. Get Equinox.

    make equinox

    and then add 'equinox' to your $PATH.

  5. (Optional) Install the others engines (SPASS,vampire,E,z3) put them in your $PATH.

  6. (Optional) Run tests:

    ./egs/ all


See output of

./src/hcc -h

Optional: build Equinox.

This should be unneccessary, because Koen provides a precompiled Equinox.

The Equinox source is available at You can use the 'make equinox' in ./ to download the source into ./Folkung. There is another version available on github (, but I think that one is older.

UPDATE: the most recent Equinox uses dynymic libs not available on cam-02-unx or older versions of Ubuntu.

Manually installing the .debs for the missing libs works for me in Ubuntu 11.04. I.e., download libffi6 and libgmp10 .debs for 11.10, and then install manually with dpkg -i.

To run the precompiled Equinox on cam-02-unx you can:

dpkg --extract libffi6_3.0.11\~rc1-2_i386.deb libffi6
dpkg --extract libgmp10_5.0.1+dfsg-7ubuntu2_i386.deb libgmp10
LD_LIBRARY_PATH=/home/t-nathac/v/haskellcontracts.git/libgmp10/usr/lib:/home/t-nathac/v/haskellcontracts.git/libffi6/usr/lib/i386-linux-gnu/ equinox <equinox args>

I couldn't build Equinox with ghc7 (errors related to Random module in hidden package haskell98), but ghc6 worked, after

cabal install --with-compiler ghc6 mtl syb quickcheck bnfc

The GHC executable is specified in ./Folkung/Haskell/Makefile. In ./Folkung you can do

make -C Haskell GHC=ghc6 equinox

to build equinox with GHC 6.