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  1. cpantesters-project cpantesters-project Public

    A meta-project for tracking CPAN Testers project goals

    6 1

  2. cpantesters-schema cpantesters-schema Public

    A DBIx::Class schema for the CPANTesters database

    Perl 2 6

  3. cpantesters-deploy cpantesters-deploy Public

    Deploy scripts and configuration file for CPANTesters servers

    Perl 4

  4. cpantesters-api cpantesters-api Public

    An API in to data held by CPAN Testers: Test reports and CPAN uploads

    Perl 4 4

  5. cpantesters-backend cpantesters-backend Public

    Backend data processing for CPAN Testers

    Perl 5

  6. cpantesters-web cpantesters-web Public

    A new CPAN Testers web application. The primary interface for CPAN Testers data

    Perl 7 5


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