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This distribution queries the CPAN Testers website and retrieves a data set.
For a date request, the data set returned relates to the ids that can be
retrieved for that date. A range request will return the records for the
requested IDs.
The distribution requires the following modules:
To install this module, untar the tarball into the directory of choice then
type the following on the command line (substitute make with nmake or dmake
if appropriate):
perl Makefile.PL
make test
make install
Alternatively you may wish to use the, CPANPLUS or cpanminus as your
installer, which will automatically detect uninstalled prerequisities and
install those too for you.
Initially released during the 2012 QA Hackathon in Paris.
# establish the object
my $query = CPAN::Testers::WWW::Reports::Query::Reports->new;
# get list of ids for a particular date
my $result = $query->date(
'2012-02-08' # must be YYYY-MM-DD format
# $query is a hash ref
print "From: $result->{from}, To: $result->{to}, Range: $result->{range}\n";
# $result->{list} is an array of the actual ids posted for the given date.
# note that this list may not include all ids within $result->{range}.
print "List: " . join(', ',@{$result->{list}}) . "\n";
# get metabase for a range of ids
my $result = $query->range(
# '20120330' # just get <id>
# '20120330-' # from <id> until the latest [see caveat]
# '-20120330' # previous <n> reports up to <id> [see caveat]
# '-' # the latest <n> reports [see caveat]
# $result is a hash ref, with the reports ids as the top level keys
my @ids = sort keys %$result;
my $id = $ids[0];
print "id = $id, dist = '$result->{$id}{dist}', version = '$result->{$id}{version}'\n";
# get the raw data for all results, or a specific version if supplied
my $data = $query->raw;
# get the last error
my $error = $query->error;
Note that when using the range parameter, at most only 2500 records will be
returned. This is to avoid accidental requests for all records!
There are no known bugs at the time of this release. However, if you spot a
bug or are experiencing difficulties that are not explained within the POD
documentation, please submit a bug to the RT system (see link below). However,
it would help greatly if you are able to pinpoint problems or even supply a
Fixes are dependent upon their severity and my availability. Should a fix not
be forthcoming, please feel free to (politely) remind me by sending an email
to .
CPAN Testers wouldn't exist without the help and support of the Perl
community. However, since 2008 CPAN Testers has grown far beyond the
expectations of it's original creators. As a consequence it now requires
considerable funding to help support the infrastructure.
In early 2012 the Enlightened Perl Organisation very kindly set-up a
CPAN Testers Fund within their donatation structure, to help the project
cover the costs of servers and services.
If you would like to donate to the CPAN Testers Fund, please follow the link
below to the Enlightened Perl Organisation's donation site.
If your company would like to support us, you can donate financially via the
fund link above, or if you have servers or services that we might use, please
send an email to with details.
Our full list of current sponsors can be found at our I <3 CPAN Testers site.
Barbie <>
for Miss Barbell Productions
Copyright (C) 2012-2014 Barbie for Miss Barbell Productions
This module is free software; you can redistribute it and/or
modify it under the Artistic Licence v2.
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