$Foo::VERSION notation causes faliure of "version in each file" test. #10

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I've started using v5.14+ style in a few non-critial dists to smoke out bugs related to new syntax in toolchain:

package Foo { 
    $Foo::VERSION = '0.001';


syntax appears to cause "has_version_in_each_file" to fail, despite declaring a version in each file:


has_version_in_each_file    ["lib/Net/Minecraft/LoginFailure.pm","lib/Net/Minecraft/Login.pm","lib/Net/Minecraft/LoginResult.pm"]




The PAUSE indexer itself doesn't presently support this syntax either, although its slated for addition sometime soon, but I don't have a problem there because I use metadata based indexing:



There is an additional form also supported by Perl Itself that nothing else seems to support yet,

package Foo v0.1.0 { 


Style notation, so you may want to add support for that at the same time, but I however haven't started testing this syntax yet =)

Oh, I just discovered this error is more widespread and it can't even detect

package Bar;
    $Bar::VERSION = 

Style assignment. :( Going to open a respective bug in MCA

kentfredric referenced this issue in daxim/Module-CPANTS-Analyse Jan 18, 2013


per-file version assignment check too naive. #6

This should probably be filed in https://rt.cpan.org/Dist/Display.html?Queue=Module-CPANTS-Analyse, rather than in the queue for the website itself.


charsbar commented Mar 23, 2014

This was fixed in the following commits in Parse::PMFile (which is used in the CPANTS analyzer):

And also: https://github.com/charsbar/pause/commits/fix/package_version_wrong_brace (which has been merged in andk's master)


charsbar closed this Mar 23, 2014

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