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missing_build_prereqs probably shouldn't consider files in "xt/{author,release}/*" #11

kentfredric opened this Issue Jan 8, 2013 · 6 comments

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Its nice it reports these, but these tests are never run during installation, so they're not a "build" prerequisite at all.

at best, these should be deemed "Develop" prerequisites , which my dist already declares most of:

cpants member
dolmen commented Jan 18, 2013

:+1:, but this should be reported against Module::CPANTS::Analyse.


Hm, I can't find the string "missing_build_prereqs" anywhere in MCA, so this bug isn't 1:1


Incidentally, if this really is MCA's fault, then why does it never pose a problem to Test::Kwalitee, which all my dists use?


Asked Rik (also the author of Module::Instal:AuthorTests) at QAH and was told all files in xt/ should be ignored, thus cpants/Module-CPANTS-Analyse@83e91b5

Will rerun the analyzer when everything is sorted.


This should probably be filed in, rather than in the queue for the website itself.

(however, it would be sensible for prereqs in xt/{author,release,smoke} to be listed as develop requires.)

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