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feature request - link to the module that provides a particular kwalitee test #2

karenetheridge opened this Issue · 5 comments

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On the page that details a particular kwalitee test, e.g. it would be useful to link to the CPAN module that provides that test.

e.g. build_prereq_matches_use seems to have an error in it that I'd like to diagnose/patch -- it is listed as failing for but it should be passing (my prereq list is automatically generated, and the build_requires list only contains modules that aren't also in the runtime requires list).


Added defined_in information to the kwalitee pages at 770014b (this is not linked yet).

As for the (build_)prereq_matches_use issue (which needs some improvement to ignore (use|require) in eval etc), give me some more time to sort things out.


since this issue is still open, I'll add to it here -- it would also be very useful for the site to indicate the version of MCA itself -- as the list of metrics has changed a lot in recent versions, and I'm not sure if the site is reflecting those changes (e.g. prereq_matches_use seems to be gone in 0.9002 entirely).


Closing this issue.

1) Added links to the metric source code today.
2) The version of MCA itself has been listed at the top page for a while. I may move this info somewhere, but I won't remove it.

@charsbar charsbar closed this

@karenetheridge, in the "Perl/Modules Used To Test" section after the long introduction. (this intro is too long, so I'm inclined to move it somewhere, maybe with the growing list)

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