Feature request: extra check for CPAN::Changes::Spec #35

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ghost commented Oct 13, 2013

Having a clear changelog format is a good thing. Having only one Kwalitee-like service is also a good thing.

http://changes.cpanhq.org/ is a kwalitee-inspired service that only checks if distributions follow the CPAN::Changes::Spec format. Having a Kwalitee check instead of a whole service would be better.


charsbar commented Oct 14, 2013

I don't particularly think so for both.

As http://changes.cpanhq.org/ shows, only about 40% CPAN distributions conform to the current Changes spec as of now. It seems to me the spec is a bit too strict (if this word is correct), especially because arbitrary formatted Changes doesn't particularly break the CPAN toolchain. It's more like a personal policy such as Perl::Critic than the current kwalitee metrics which are mostly based on the past toolchain issues. As a CPANTS site maintainer, I don't see any good reason other than a good taste to encourage people to follow the Changes spec right now.

That being said, I think http://changes.cpanhq.org/ is a good service. It's well-maintained, and is actually used by several people to encourage others to improve their Changes. It has its own merits and it's worth an independent website. After all, there's more than one way to improve CPAN distributions. It might also be worth asking metacpan people to add links to http://changes.cpanhq.org so that people can easily see their Changes status.

Note for myself: http://blogs.perl.org/users/neilb/2013/09/a-convention-for-changes-files.html is a nice reference point for discussions and issues on the current Changes spec.

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