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I just visited CPANTS and noticed the new look. Looks awesome, but now I can't see what problems my modules have as I have red-greed colourblindeness (most common one) and the red and green icons to me look exactly the same on this page: I had to use a colour picker to figure out that App-ZofCMS has a red on "consistent_version" metric.

Around 6% of the male population have red-green colour blindness and would experience the same problem as I did.

Here's a site that allegedly displays my CPANTS author page the way a colourblind person would see it:;r=;l=0;j=1;;t=p I'm attaching a screenshot image of what that site displayed.

Perhaps colours could be amended (e.g. lighter green/darker red)? Or the red/green boxes made a bit larger or the gaps between them made smaller (this makes it easier to see colour differences). Or add a check mark inside the green boxes and an "x" inside the red ones.

Thanks for considering this issue.

bricas commented Dec 10, 2013

I just wanted to add my $0.02 as I also suffer from this particular deficiency. If I could recommend a solution, it may be nice to have a green checkmark for pass, a red x for fail and a yellow exclamation mark for warning (or whatever you'd like to call it). That way, not only are the colours indicators, but also the icons themselves are mostly self-evident.

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charsbar commented Mar 13, 2014

@zoffixznet , @bricas, thank you for patience. I migrated Twitter Bootstrap to version 3 and replaced colored backgrounds with colored glyphicons. I hope this change helps you. If you still have any issues, please reopen this or maybe open another issue.

Looks great! Thanks :)

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