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Inconsistent results being displayed #43

karenetheridge opened this Issue Feb 18, 2014 · 5 comments

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@karenetheridge lists one
failure: "package version matches dist version" -- which looks to be a
holdover from a previous release, as this error is not actually present in
0.05 (this is also the error displayed on my author page,

lists a different error, missing_prereqs (which looks more credible)


Thanks for the report. As for the "package version matches dist version" error, it comes from an empty "versions" entry in its analysis, which was a bug in Parse::LocalDistribution <= 0.06 that failed to handle meta provides correctly in a rare case where versions are specified in a file that doesn't match a package name (in your case, all the versions are specified in lib/Hash/Util/FieldHash/Hash/ which doesn't match the packages). I fixed P::LD and shipped the new one and now I'm updating the CPANTS databases, which would end in about a day (sorry for the inconvenience).

As for the latter, I'll look at it later again.


Ah, perfect, thanks!

I should also make those other packages in unindexable, which should avoid more confusion.


Confirmed the "package version matches dist version" is gone. Still keeping this open for the latter issue.


The missing_prereq error issue occurred because Tie::RefHash::Weak was only listed in META.json 's develop requires and no entry in META.yml. So the error seems appropriate.

@charsbar charsbar closed this Mar 16, 2014
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