CPANTS not recognising license information when cpants_lint seems to #44

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If you look at my CPANTS page:

You'll see there's only one dist with a warning that isn't is_prereq: Business-CCCheck, which fails "has known license in source file".

But if I run on the dist it says:

Checked dist        Business-CCCheck-0.09.tar.gz
Kwalitee rating     146.67% (22/15)

Congratulations for building a 'perfect' distribution!

And if I read the pod into a string and call:

my @guesses = Software::LicenseUtils->guess_license_from_pod($source);

Then I get:


The metadata for the dist says LICENSE => 'gpl_2', and text of the lead module has the right text for GPL 2.

There is another module in the dist that has a funny licensing situation, but my understanding of the doc is that it's down to the lead module?


@charsbar charsbar added a commit that referenced this issue Mar 15, 2014
@charsbar charsbar added a test case for #44 259244a
@charsbar charsbar added a commit to cpants/Module-CPANTS-Analyse that closed this issue Mar 15, 2014
@charsbar charsbar has_known_license_in_source_file should pass if any of the modules in…
… a distribution has known license.

- not all of them need to have known license (at least now)
- should fix cpants/www-cpants#44

Fixed the module and added a test. Wait a few days (or a bit more as it's taking more time then expected to regenerate CPANTS databases) until this fix actually takes effect on the site.


Thank you!

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