Plugin for shipping audit logs to logstash via AMQP
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This is an audit plugin for mcollective that ships events over to an AMQP broker, ready to be consumed by a logstash agent.

Put logstash.rb in your plugins/audit directory, and add the following to your server.cfg file:

rpcaudit = 1
rpcauditprovider = logstash

You will need to install the 'bunny' gem (tested on 0.7.4) on all machines using mcollective.

Configurables: IP or hostname of the AMQP broker (default: localhost)

plugin.logstash.port: Port for the AMQP broker (default: 5672)

plugin.logstash.user: Username for the broker (default: guest)

plugin.logstash.password: Password for the broker (default: guest)

plugin.logstash.exchange_type: fanout, direct, or topic. (default: fanout)

plugin.logstash.durable: Is the queue durable? (default: true)

plugin.logstash.persistent: Should messages persist to disk until read? (default:true)

plugin.logstash.vhost: vhost to throw messages to (default: "/") Name of the exchange (default: "mcollective-logstash")