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aasm.js is a node.js framework to build state machines. It provides a DSL to mixin finite state machines behavior to CoffeeScript classes.

AASM has the following features:

  • States
  • Machines
  • Events
  • Transitions

The framework is based on Scott Barron aasm work on ruby.


The latest AASM can currently be pulled from the git repository on github.


From npm repository

npm install aasm-js

Simple Example

Here's a quick example highlighting some of the features.

AASM = require 'aasm'

module.exports = class Conversation

  @aasmInitialState 'needsAttention'

  @aasmState 'needsAttention'
  @aasmState 'read'
  @aasmState 'closed'
  @aasmState 'awaitingResponse'
  @aasmState 'junk'

  @aasmEvent 'newMessage', ()->

  @aasmEvent 'view', ()->
    @transitions {to: 'read', from: ['needsAttention']}

  @aasmEvent 'reply', ()->

  @aasmEvent 'close', ()->
    @transitions {to: 'closed', from: ['read', 'awaitingResponse']}

  @aasmEvent 'junk', ()->
    @transitions {to: 'junk', from: ['read']}

  @aasmEvent 'unjunk', ()->

A Slightly More Complex Example

This example uses a few of the more complex features available.

class Relationship

  @aasmInitialState (relationship) ->
    if relationship.isStrictlyForFun() then 'intimate' else 'dating'

  @aasmState 'dating',   {enter: 'makeHappy', exit: 'makeDepressed'}
  @aasmState 'intimate', {enter: 'makeVeryHappy', exit: 'neverSpeakAgain'}
  @aasmState 'married',  {enter: 'makeHappy', exit: 'buyExoticCarAndWearACombover'}

  @aasmEvent 'getIntimate', ->
    @transitions to: 'intimate', from: ['dating'], guard: 'isDrunk'
  @aasmEvent 'getMarried', ->
    @transitions to: 'married', from: ['dating', 'married'], guard: 'isWillingToGiveUpManhood'

  isStrictlyForFun: ->
  isDrunk: ->
  isWillingToGiveUpManhood: ->
  makeHappy: ->
  makeDepressed: ->
  makeVeryHappy: ->
  neverSpeakAgain: ->
  giveUpIntimacy: ->
  buyExoticCarAndWearACombover: ->

Other Stuff

  • Based On:: Scott Barron aasm for ruby. I wrote this to learn coffeescript originally.
  • Author:: Chandra Patni
  • License:: Original code Copyright 2011 by Chandra Patni. Released under an MIT-style license. See the LICENSE file included in the distribution.


This software is provided "as is" and without any express or implied warranties, including, without limitation, the implied warranties of merchantibility and fitness for a particular purpose.

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