Code to collect lexical blends from my Euralex 2012 paper.
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This is code accompanying the following paper:

Paul Cook. Using social media to find English lexical blends. To appear in Proceedings of the 15th EURALEX International Congress (EURALEX 2012), Oslo, Norway.


A Twitter account:

To build a collection of lexical blend candidates:

First edit TWITTER_USERNAME and PASSWORD in collecttweets.bash to a Twitter username and password

Then to collect tweets run this:

$ bash collecttweets.bash

This will create a bunch of files with names like this: 120721072955.json (The filenames correpsond to the date and time the process was started.) Each line of each file is a JSON string representing a tweet.

Then once you've got a bunch of tweets, you can get the candidate blends using this:

$ cat 120721072955.json | python | python aspell_list.txt.gz

Each line of the output has the following information blend_candidate source_word1 source_word2 Regex_match URL_of_tweet text_of_tweet