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#Martin theme for Pelican static site generator

This is a port of the Martin theme by Allison House to work with the Pelican static site generator

It supports the the following plugins or variables

  • Neighbor Article Plugin
  • global variable GOOGLE_ANALYTICS for your Google Analytics ID.
  • font awesome for social and share links specified by global variables and the name of the font awesome icon after "fa-". e.g.:
# Social widget
SOCIAL = (('github', ',
          ('twitter', ',
          ('instagram', '

SHARE = (('twitter', '', '?text=', '&url='),
         ('facebook', '', '?t=', '&u='),
         ('google-plus', '', '?text=', '&url='))
  • Disqus integration setting the variable
DISQUS_SITENAME = "your_site_name"

Showcase your project in style with Martin, a bold, timeless theme for GitHub pages! Named for the punchcutter William Martin, apprentice to John Baskerville. This work is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-ShareAlike 3.0 Unported License. Check out the live demo.

Martin theme preview


Martin-pelican is a theme for pelican based on "Martin" by



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