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Simple Android app that displays upcoming Philadelphia TicketLeap events on Google Maps
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Events Philly


Simple Android app that displays Philadelphia Ticketleap events on Google Maps.

APK Download

Fair warning, this has only been tested on my Nexus 4, and generally quickly developed over a couple days. Use at your own risk.


A big thank you to Ticketleap for making this possible. Additional thanks to the PrettyTime dev's, and Google's default icon designers.


I'm planning on adding a list screen, which might be more convenient to browse than the map. And to submit to Google Play. Lots of other ideas but I think that's number one. Feel free to get in touch with any thoughts.

Build Instructions

There's a couple things missing to be able to build a working version. This project was built with Android studio, but I did not include all the project files. The Ticketleap API key needs to be filled in. Also, the PrettyTime library is necessary if you want to use 'prettier' times. If you want help building your own version, please contact me on twitter or email.

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