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homebrew tap for the marmaduke builds of chromium
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Casks Add cask for ungoogled marmaduke chromium build Mar 5, 2019

Homebrew Tap for the Marmaduke Chromium builds

If you’re looking for a macOS build of the latest stable Chromium which includes modern video codecs such as H.264, then the marmaduke builds as advertised on Woolyss are your best bet.

This homebrew tap was created for the easy installation of above-mentioned builds.

To install do:

brew tap cpbotha/marmaduke-chromium
brew cask install marmaduke-chromium

If you prefer the build without google sync and widevine (which you do need to play for example Netflix), then rather install:

brew cask install marmaduke-chromium-nosync

Since 2019-03-05, there is also a cask for the UNGOOGLED Chromium build by Marmaduke which you can install with:

brew cask install marmaduke-chromium-ungoogled

Which cask should I use?

If you don’t know, then use marmaduke-chromium.

Updating your chromium

From here on, do the following to upgrade when a new build becomes available:

brew update
brew cask upgrade marmaduke-chromium

My RSS reader keeps on eye on the marmaduke releases, but please file an issue here if you notice that we’re out of date!

Important notice re version v70.0.3538.102

If you installed the marmaduke-chromium cask of v70.0.3538.102 on November 11 or 12, you might have received a temporarily broken build. If your chromium does not want to run, please do the following to get marmaduke’s fixed build:

brew update
brew cask uninstall marmaduke-chromium
brew cask install marmaduke-chromium
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