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CP+B Candidate Lab

Hello and thank you for taking the time to work on this lab!

This lab is an opportunity for us to have a conversation about practices, conventions, and workflow. It will also help us better understand you as a developer. Please use this as a way to communicate through your craft.


  1. Fork this repo and clone to your computer
  2. Setup the project in your preferred IDE
  3. View index.html in the browser (/www)
  4. Open the psd file in /psd (/psd)


  • Improve semantic structure and content of the HTML
  • Incorporate missing design elements (per psd)
  • Create an RSVP message onClick of 'Yes' or 'No': ** Provide feedback to the user with confirmation of their choice ** Design, behavior, and messaging are up to you ** Plug-ins, libraries, and frameworks are permitted
  • Modify anything and everything you think should be different/improved. Document the reasoning for your changes in the Notes section.


Please make atomic commits (commit often) as you progress. Be sure to provide useful commit messages to illustrate milestones and workflow. Submit a pull request when you are finished and satisfied with your work.


Use this area to communicate any thought processes, ideas, or challenges you encountered.