Script to install Tente 3D utils in Ubuntu and derivated distros
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Multi-construction LDraw configuration kit

Tente 3D


This script installs and configured these applications to create and see 3D models of several construction systems:

  • MLCad 3.40
  • BMP2LDraw
  • LDDesignPad
  • LD4DStudio
  • ldglite_1.3.1
  • ldraw_2017.01
  • ldview_4.3-ubuntu18.04
  • leocad_17.07
  • lpub_4.0
  • povray 3.7
  • Blender

Other resources:

Ubuntu Linux installation

  1. Download this kit in any folder.
  2. Open console and select this folder.
  3. Type: sudo ./

Windows installation

For now you need to install this set manually in Windows:

  1. Download LDView and install it.
  2. Make the folder C:\LDRAW
  3. Uncompress these set of pieces in these folders:
  4. Uncompress these software in these folders:
  5. Copy in Desktop the files of this folder C:\ldraw\software\accesos-directos-Windows.

Script created by Jesus B.L. "CPCBEGIN" under GNU/GPL 3.0 license.