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Trustless, Transferable Paper-Wallets
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Trustless, Transferable Paper-Wallets. The purpose of this project is truly for the sake of pushing adoption in areas where information and communication infrastructure is simply not available (South America, Africa, etc.). The minimum barrier for entry is a wifi-signal with access to the internet and a cell-phone. We have searched for a better method to truly create independance from technology but because of the nature of the blockchain we have decided that complete independance from technology is counter to the existence of the blockchain. Thus a cell phone or a proprietary hardware device is the minimum requirement for anyone to participate.
The aim is to marry the storing capabilty of blockchain with the easily tradable paper styled currencies that humans have used and trusted for centuries. The major difference is that the HugoGrocio wallets will provide a method of scanning the notes to protect against counterfeits and simultaneously transferring ownership officially.

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