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These are my dot files. At the time of writing this I just have some bash things and my vim settings, plugins, and some modifications I've made to them.

Using the setup of having a generic .dotfiles folder to house the repository and having the actual dot files be replaced with links to the contents of .dotfiles is actually someone else's idea. I would give them credit here but I've forgotten who they were.


To install my dot files, you need to clone the git repository into a specific folder (.dotfiles) and then run the install script.

Any dot files of yours that would be over-written are saved to .olddotfiles and can be restored by running the uninstall script.

Clone the git repository:

git clone git:// ~/.dotfiles

Run the installer

bash ~/.dotfiles/

The install script will move all the dot files that would've been overwritten to a folder called .olddotfiles in your home directory. Then it creates symbolic links to the contents of ~/.dotfiles so you can update them through git commands later.

Want to uninstall?

bash ~/.dotfiles/

This script removes the links and copies your previous dot files back into place. After you make sure your dot files have been put back properly (try a ls -lda ~/.v* and a ls -lda ~/.b*) you can delete ~/.dotfiles and ~/.olddotfiles.