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beh, nuke all plugins, no sense converting stuff smoothly

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1 parent 0395967 commit 3bf977d1e9a712d878d396944e94bda7b94fa188 @cpdean committed Oct 22, 2012
@@ -1,35 +0,0 @@
-" These are the mappings for snipMate.vim. Putting it here ensures that it
-" will be mapped after other plugins such as supertab.vim.
-if !exists('loaded_snips') || exists('s:did_snips_mappings')
- finish
-let s:did_snips_mappings = 1
-ino <silent> <tab> <c-r>=TriggerSnippet()<cr>
-snor <silent> <tab> <esc>i<right><c-r>=TriggerSnippet()<cr>
-ino <silent> <s-tab> <c-r>=BackwardsSnippet()<cr>
-snor <silent> <s-tab> <esc>i<right><c-r>=BackwardsSnippet()<cr>
-ino <silent> <c-r><tab> <c-r>=ShowAvailableSnips()<cr>
-" The default mappings for these are annoying & sometimes break snipMate.
-" You can change them back if you want, I've put them here for convenience.
-snor <bs> b<bs>
-snor <right> <esc>a
-snor <left> <esc>bi
-snor ' b<bs>'
-snor ` b<bs>`
-snor % b<bs>%
-snor U b<bs>U
-snor ^ b<bs>^
-snor \ b<bs>\
-snor <c-x> b<bs><c-x>
-" By default load snippets in snippets_dir
-if empty(snippets_dir)
- finish
-call GetSnippets(snippets_dir, '_') " Get global snippets
-au FileType * if &ft != 'help' | call GetSnippets(snippets_dir, &ft) | endif
-" vim:noet:sw=4:ts=4:ft=vim
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