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remove fuzzyfind bindings because i deleted it

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1 parent f77f8b5 commit 7bde32887c7539aeb58816ea008d3a508bce1882 @cpdean committed Oct 22, 2012
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@@ -38,11 +38,6 @@ set linebreak " More visually appealing wordwrap
"fix snipmate bug on html <head>
filetype plugin indent on
-" Mappings
-nmap <leader>f :FufCoverageFile<CR>
-nmap <leader>b :FufBuffer<CR>
-nmap <leader>t :FufTaggedFile<CR>
" add <F6> binding for running python code
" should eventually update it so that I can make <F6> run things based on filetype
nmap <F6> :w<CR>:!python %<CR>

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