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This is a skeleton template for making rstblog easier to use.

I don't really know how rstblog is supposed to be used, but for now I just want to get it a default installer working.

#Install it

# checkout this repo
git clone git:// sweet-blog
# install dependencies and everything else
make install

Now edit blog-host to contain the path to where your files are hosted. For me it's ~/blog/public/ but for you it might be Any valid rsync target should do, just be sure to have the trailing directory slash at the end!

Use it

Now add blog posts by creating .rst files, and mark their creation date by putting them in folders structured like


Rstblog will read directories like that and tag them with the correct date in your archives and in the front page's list of posts.

You can also put .rst files in the top level directory and it'll make individual pages for them that you can link to from anywhere.


You can store posts that you haven't finished yet in the _drafts folder, as rstblog will ignore them until you're ready to publish them. This way you can keep your work in progress under source control, and simply move them to the right folder when you're ready to share your ideas.

Tell rstblog to generate the site with

make build

Upload the built site with:

make upload

Or if you're lazy, do the build and upload in one shot:

make all