Preprocessing Module 1
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Preprocessing I: Digital Resume

For this project you will be building a digital resume from scratch. You will be required to use specific preprocessing skills to accomplish your tasks.

Task 1: Set Up The Project With Git

  • Fork the project into your GitHub user account
  • Clone the forked project into a directory on your machine
  • You are now ready to build this project with your preferred IDE

Task 2: Set up your preprocessor

  • Verify that you have LESS installed correctly by running lessc -v in your terminal, if you don't get a version message back, reach out to your project manager for help.
  • Open your terminal and navigate to your preprocessing project by using the cd command
  • Once in your project's root folder, run the following command less-watch-compiler less css index.less
  • Verify your compiler is working correctly by changing the background-color on the html selector to red
  • Once you see the red screen, you can delete that style and you're ready to start on the next task

Task 3: Project Objectives

  • Review the example resume. Notice how simplistic the example resume is. Develop a simple layout of your choosing. If you are struggling to be creative, you may use the example resume as your design file. Note: you are only required to build one page, anything more than that would be stretch.
  • The resume content will be provided by you. The content can be about you or a fictional character.
  • Content: Navigation - Build a simple navigation with 4 items of your choosing
  • Content: Intro - Have a short introduction as to why you would be a good hire
  • Content: Skills - Showcase a list of skills you have somewhere on your resume
  • Content: Work History - Showcase your work history somewhere on your resume
  • Content: Contact - Provide some way a potential employer could contact you. Phone number, email, or a full on contact form (doesn't have to work)
  • Variables: Incorporate variables in your project for color and font stacks.
  • Nesting: Every selector should be nested inside the main container. Avoid having global styles unless they are element level.
  • Mixins: Create 2 mixins of your choosing. Hint: It's super helpful to use flexbox properties in mixins
  • Mobile: Use nested-at rules to provide a mobile version of your resume. Use 500px as a max-width for mobile.

Stretch Goals:

  • Incorporate a google font of your choosing
  • Convert the great idea CSS into LESS. Introduce variables, mixins, nesting, etc.
  • Create a link to the portfolio page and create a layout that would allow users to see your work. A good idea is to link projects back to their github repos so employers can see your code.