Gecko Media Plugin for playback of ClearKey Encrypted Media Extensions content
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cpearce Update to mozilla-central revision 974fe614d529.
Include fix for Bug 1186406; if the GMP retains encoded video frames
for too long, Gecko can run out of shared memory buffers to use to send
to the GMP. When this fails, Gecko throws an "error" event to the
HTMLMediaElement. So copy the encoded data that arrives in the GMP and
release the GMPVideoEncodedFrame ASAP.
Latest commit 4b74e86 Dec 2, 2015


ClearKey Gecko Media Plugin

Demonstrates how to build a Gecko Media Plugin to support playback of Encrypted
Media Extensions content in Firefox on Windows.

This GMP uses Windows Media Foundation to support H.264 and AAC decoding. This
may not work once the restrictions imposed by Gecko's Sandbox are tightened.

To build, you need the gmp-api headers, either from:

Or from the content/media/gmp/gmp-api directory from mozilla-central
Mercurial repository:

To use the ClearKey GMP, build it, then run Firefox with the MOZ_GMP_PATH set
to the path of the "gmp-clearkey/devel" directory; the directory containing the
"" file.

Without this, Firefox can't find the plugin DLL to run.

For more details about Gecko Media Plugins: