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Read, play and seek Ogg files using low level Ogg libraries. A fork of doublec's plogg player.
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Pull request Compare This branch is 3 commits ahead of doublec:seeking.
Latest commit 5c4fbe6 Dec 3, 2009 @cpearce Fix theora granulepos calculation for 3.2.1 streams, and handle case …
…where we're capturing theora granulepos and we encounter a keyframe between capture and the first buffered frame.



This is an example of using the libogg api to read and
decode Ogg files.

It is hosted on github at:

For more information see this weblog posts:

The following branches are available in the repository:

  master       - Combined parts to make a usable player
  part1_ogg    - Reads Ogg files but doesn't decode
  part2_theora - Extends part 1 to decode and display theora
  part3_vorbis - Extends part 1 to decode and play vorbis
  part4_avsync - Combines part 2 and 3 to play videos 
                 with synchronised audio and video.  

You will need the following third party libraries to build:

  - boost
  - SDL

The following are also required but included as submodules:

  - libogg
  - libtheora
  - libvorbis
  - libsydneyaudio

For a complete rebuild, including retrieval of this repository
and submodules:

  $ git clone git://
  $ cd plogg
  $ git submodule init
  $ git submodule update
  $ make

Links to Ogg documentation:

  libogg         -
  libtheora      -
  libvorbis      -
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