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CP Editor 6.9.4

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@github-actions github-actions released this 04 Dec 02:10
· 107 commits to master since this release



  • Fix that when built with CMake 3.21.1 and Ninja, it results in dupbuild or dependency cycle error. (#941)

6.9.3 (Beta)


  • Fix that there's no suffix when using Default File Path For Problem URLs. (#894)
  • Fix that when "Save Test Case To A File" the elided version instead of the full content of a test case was saved to the file.

6.9.2 (Beta)


  • Now the winlibs release on Windows includes LLVM. If you use the clangd in this release as the C++ Language Server, <bits/stdc++.h> should be properly recognized. (#878)


  • Fix that two dialogs are shown when entering full-screen mode for the first time. (#875)
  • Actually fix that Detached Execution doesn't work on Windows with clang++, which was incorrectly fixed in #873.
  • Change the swap-line shortcuts on macOS from Ctrl+Shift+Up/Down to Command+Control+Up/Down to fix that the old shortcuts were unusable on macOS. (#863 and #876)
  • Fix that the icon is not in the center on macOS. (#880)

6.9.1 (Beta)


  • Show dialog on full screen for first time. (#786)
  • Configurable text cursor width. (#781 and #795)
  • Now accepted testcases can be auto-unchecked. (#734 and #797)
  • Update icon for macOS. (#838)
  • Now you can click on source files to open them via CP Editor. (#846,#849,#855 and #860)


  • Now the link in the update checker is clickable.
  • Fix that the Find/Replace dialog is not floating in i3-wm. (#767)
  • Fix text selection color when Dark Fusion is selected. (#788)
  • Now entering/exiting the full-screen mode outside of CP Editor (via the OS/DE/WM) is correctly handled. (#833)
  • Fix that Detached Execution doesn't work on Windows with clang++. (#872 and #873)


  • Esc key, which was used to exit full-screen mode, now cancels text selection. Now you can use F11 to enter/exit the full-screen mode. (#786)