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Who contributed to RouteConverter

Thank you to:

all the users helping me with donations, feedback, files, testing...
all the programmers sending me code

My special thanks to:

Branko Velickovic for the Croatian and Serbian translation
Denny Baier for OpenSUSE packaging
Harry van der Wolf for Linux and Mac OS X fixes
Ilmari Krebs for contributing code for position selection and zooming on the map
Javier M.R. (jamaro) for the Spanish translation
Iorio Ciro for the Italian translation
Malte Neumann for contributing code for KML, Wintec, Navigon, Douglas-Peucker, Map and much more
Matthias Pötzsch for the RouteCatalog maintenance
Philippe Vandekerckhove for the Dutch translation
Pietro Sarkocci for the Czech and Slovakian translation
R.-Michael Teichert for the program icon
Rainer Ippen for usuability improvements
Vincent Di Sanzo for the French translation
Xiaoming Huang and LXLXJ for the Chinese translation

Of course a lot more people helped. If your name is missing drop me an email or a patch!

Have fun!
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