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PWNBot is a modular irc bot.


Commands are identified whenever someone writes:

`<botname>: !<command>`
`<botname> !<command>`

Where <botname> is the configured bot name (defaults to pwnbot), and the <command is a recognized command name.

Options can be supplied to a command in 2 possible formats:

`<botname> !<command> <key>:<value> <key>:"<value>"`

For example, the asciimo command accepts the font option:

!ascii font:banner Text to appear in the banner font.

Creating a command

  • Commands go into the commands/ directory.
  • They must export a function whose name is the command to identify.
  • The exported function must return a function that handles messages. Said function receives the message, a function to write messages in the channel where the command was captured, an options hash, the user who emitted the command and the channel name, in that order.
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