St. George’s Respiratory Questionnaire Application
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St. George’s Respiratory Questionnaire application for COPD patients

Getting Started

If you are interested in testing out the application you can download the latest pre-built package version for Windows, Mac and Linux on

All previous versions can be found under the release section of this repository.

If you are interested in contributing or building the application yourself follow the instructions:


In order to build the application you need to install a stable version of Node.js.

If you want to clone and contribute to the project you should to install Git.


First clone or download this repository running in your terminal:

git clone

then navigate to the root folder of the project:

cd sgrq

and run:

npm install

NPM will download all the required dependencies to build the project. A first build will be triggered.

Running the application

To test the project run in your terminal:

npm start

that will launch the a Webpack build process. The process will:

To test the project in the Electron environment run:

npm run electron

Running the tests

To test the project on Phantomjs run in your terminal:

npm run test

To test it in an Electron environment run:

npm run test:electron

Building the application

You can build only the sources running:

npm run build:prod

or build the application binaries running:

npm run build:electron

Built With


You can directly create a pull request for this repository. Your code will be tested by Travis CI.


We use SemVer for versioning. For the versions available, see the tags on this repository.

Bug reports

Please declare found bugs on the issues section of the repository.


  • Marco Gelpi, MD
  • Jonathan Argentiero, Developer and maintainer
  • Andreas Ronit, MD

See also the list of contributors who participated in this project.


This application is free for use. You can copy and redistribute it as you wish.