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This site uses Bootstrap!

... And Jekyll too!

  • Emoji;
  • posts, layouts and includes examples;
  • post with GitHub markdown;
  • boolean multilanguange support (en/pt-br);
  • using _data for advanced Templating.
  • sitemap Template with multilanguage support;
  • Templating for Tags. Tag system compatible with GitHub Pages.
  • Templating for Pagination. Easy to use static Pagination system with no plugin or gems, compatible with GitHub Pages. Just push pages on demand and voilà:
# blog/language/page/1/index.html
index: 1

Also some work was done with:

  • Infinite scroll with Waypoints;
  • leave comments with Disqus;
  • Open Graph for image and description preview on Facebook;
  • Twitter Card from image and description preview on Twitter;
  • Google OSE;
  • Grunt Task Runner;
  • using GIMP to compress images;

Finally, some Academicons were used and some highlight.js as well.

Next steps are:

  • lag work for a completely auto Pagination system :P
  • Load next post by clicking "read more" button;
  • implement 'About' blog section;
  • explore grunt tasks;
  • move from Google Analytics to Piwik;

License and copyright

Following files, directories and their contents (including directories, subdirectories and files) are copyright Carlos Rafael Fernandes Picanço. You must not reuse anything therein without my explicit permission:

  • _data/
  • _posts/
  • _site/
  • media/

All other files and directories are licensed under the MIT license unless explicitly stated.