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Releases: cpicoto/sdr-UDPAudio

SDR#UDPAudio streaming plugin

29 Sep 22:35
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SDR# UDPAudio streamer

  • Move the 2 dlls into the SDR Sharp folder
  • Edit the plugins.xmls to include
    <add key="UDPAudioPlugin" value="SDRSharp.UDPAudio.UDPAudioPlugin,SDRSharp.UDPAudio" />

After you start receiving signals and you check the "Stream Audio over UDP" check box, the demodulated audio will be sent over UDP in packets of 1472 byes, Mono, 48KHz.

First Version of SDR# UDPAudio

29 Sep 05:00
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Add line to plugins xml and copy binary to SDRSharp folder