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From a log file with the OpenVPN connection lines like:
Apr 14 23:18:31 localhost openvpn: Session $Client TX: 592794812 bytes RX: 42195316 bytes Duration: 11679 seconds HostIP: $IP
shows nicer lines like:
Apr 14 23:18:31 $Client TX: 565.333187 MB RX: 40.240589 MB 194 min. $IP
import re
f = open("/var/log/openvpn-traffic.log")
def seconds_to_minutes(seconds):
return seconds/60
def format_bytes(b):
return "%f MB" % (float(b)/1024/1024)
for line in f.readlines():
line = line.rstrip()
m = re.match("(.*) localhost.*Session ([^ ]+) TX: ([0-9]+) bytes RX: ([0-9]+) bytes Duration: ([0-9]+) seconds HostIP: ([0-9\.]+).*",line)
if m:
print date,user,"TX:",format_bytes(tx),"RX:",format_bytes(rx),seconds_to_minutes(seconds),"min.",ip
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