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BBCode implementation for Ruby
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Since this is a gem lib, not an app, we don’t need to keep the Gemfile.lock in source control.  In fact, it causes issues on the build server when we do.



BBRuby is a BBCode implementation for Ruby. It will convert strings with BBCode markup to their HTML equivalent.


gem install bb-ruby


require 'bb-ruby'

BBRuby has been included directly into the String class for use on any string object:

text = "[b]Here is some bold text[/b] followed by some [u]underlined text[/u]"
output = text.bbcode_to_html

BBRuby will auto-escape HTML tags. To prevent this just pass false as the second param:

output = text.bbcode_to_html({}, false)

Only allow certain tags:

output = text.bbcode_to_html({}, true, :enable, :image, :bold, :quote)

Disable certain tags:

output = text.bbcode_to_html({}, true, :disable, :image, :bold, :quote)

Alternative Direct usage:

output = BBRuby.to_html(bbcode_markup)

Define your own translation, in order to be more flexible:

my_blockquote = {
  'Quote' => [
    '<div class="quote"><p><cite>\2</cite></p><blockquote>\3</blockquote></div>',
    'Quote with citation',
    '[quote=mike]please quote me[/quote]',


Define Proc as replacement:

module BBRuby
  @@tags = @@tags.merge({
      'File' => [
        lambda{ |e| "<div class="file"><p><cite>#{e[3]}</cite></p><blockquote>#{file_read_method(e[2])}</blockquote></div>"},
        'File content with citation',
        '[file=script.rb]Script Caption[/file]',

You can also use the simple_format method of ActionPack by using the *_with_formatting methods:

output = text.bbcode_to_html_with_formatting
output = text.bbcode_to_html_with_formatting!


The following is the list of BBCode tags processed by BBRuby and their associated symbol for enabling/disabling them

[b]               :bold
[i]               :italics
[u]               :underline
[s]               :strikeout
[del]             :delete
[ins]             :insert
[code]            :code
[size]            :size
[color]           :color
[ol]              :orderedlist
[ul]              :unorderedlist
[li]              :listitem
[*]               :listitem
[list]            :listitem
[list=1]          :listitem
[list=a]          :listitem
[dl]              :definelist
[dt]              :defineterm
[dd]              :definition
[quote]           :quote
[quote=source]    :quote
[url=link]        :link
[url]             :link
[img size=]       :image
[img align=]      :image
[img=]            :image
[img]             :image
[youtube]         :video
[gvideo]          :video
[vimeo]           :video
[email]           :email
[align]           :align
[left]            :left
[center]          :center
[right]           :right
[br]              :br
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