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MU0 ASM compiler & Virtual Machine that simulates the CPU, Memory, code execution with debug options and modules compatibility
Go Assembly
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MU0 VM & Compiler



In order to install this, either download the binaries from the GitHub page or have Go installed and run the following command:

go get


After either installing or compiling the program:

mu0 build source.s source.o # This will compile the given source to a binary
mu0 run source.o # Execute the binary


Nothing special other then Go is required to build both the compiler and VM.

git clone
cd mu0
go build mu0.go


mu0 is both a VM for the MU0 Micro Processor (single accumulator register, PC register and no SP originally or any other capabilities). mu0 also acts as a compiler for the small assembly instruction set (4 bit). The compiler has extra instructions and compiler directives defined, and some aliases for ARM ASM.

Instruction Set

Code Mnemonic Use Description
0000 LDA LDA S Load the value S into the ACC
0001 STA STA S Store the value from ACC into S
0010 ADD ADD S Add S to ACC (ACC = ACC + S)
0011 SUB SUB S Sub S from ACC (ACC = ACC - S)
0100 JMP JMP S Set the PC to the value of S
0101 JGE JGE S Set the PC to the value of S if ACC >= 0
0110 JNE JNE S Set the PC to the value of S if ACC != 0
0111 STP STP S Stop the program from running. S will be the exit code
1000 BRK BRK Pause the program execution, action must be taken
1001 SLP SLP S VM level implementation of sleep to avoid idle-spin, sleep S ms
1010 JML JML S Set the PC to the value of S but save the PC+1 to LR
1011 RET RET S Set the PC to the value of LR and set the LR to S

University of Manchester

The boards provided by the University of Manchester (which inspired me to make this program) look like this: UoM Board

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