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A port of Kurt Spencer's OpenSimplex to Go
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OpenSimplex Noise

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OpenSimplex noise is a random noise algorithm by Kurt Spencer, made as a patent-free alternative to Perlin and Simplex noise. This Go port is based on Kurt's Java implementation.

For an introduction to OpenSimplex noise, see Kurt Spencer's post announcing it. If you're not familiar with random noise, the Wikipedia post on Perlin noise is a good introduction.

This package started as a fork fromojrac/opensimplex-go and then simplified to match my needs.


Getting the package is simple, check that you have Go installed (go version).

Simply run the following command:

go get

Why not Perlin noise?

As Kurt explains in his post, Perlin noise tends to generate noise with noticeable axis-aligned artifacts. Simplex noise fixes these artifacts, but it's patented. OpenSimplex noise is for people who don't want to deal with Simplex's patent.

The difference between Perlin and OpenSimplex noise is easiest to see in pictures. This is Perlin noise, with a noticeable bias towards vertical and horizontal artifacts:

Perlin Noise sample

Here's what OpenSimplex noise looks like:

OpenSimplex Noise sample

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