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<a href='/'><img src='/static/cancerMiRNARegulatoryNetwork.gif' /></a>
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<table width='100%' class='nobottomspacing'>
<td class='tab'><a href='/' class='tab'>Cancer-miRNA</br>Regulatory Network</a></td>
<td class='spacer'></td>
<td class='tab'><a href='/compendium' class='tab'>Compendium of</br>miRNA Target Genes</a></td>
<td class='spacer'></td>
<td class='tab'><a href='/firm' class='tab'>Download FIRM</a></td>
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<!-- <td class='tab'><a href='/help' class='tab'>Help</a></td>
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<td class='tab'><a href='/citation' class='tab'>Citation</a></td>
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Need help? Please contact <span class='afooter_like'>cplaisier(at)</span> if you have any questions, comments or concerns.</br>
Developed at the <a href="" target="_blank" class="footer">Institute for Systems Biology</a> in the <a href="" target="_blank" class="footer">Baliga Lab</a>.</br>
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