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An alternative, redesigned case for the iCEBreaker FPGA by @esden based on @pimdegroot's design
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An alternative case for the iCEBreaker FPGA by @esden based on @pimdegroot's design.

Top Bottom

Changes v1.0a

  • Converted all mesh geometry to a set of polylines and a polysurface NURBS model.
  • Added a gap in the top part for the Creset header.
  • Added additional 2mm rim height on the top part.
  • Added additional 1mm rim height on the bottom part.
  • Removed redundant geometry on the bottom of the top part due to increased clearance.
  • Added fillets in various corners to remove sharp edges.
  • Added a 1BitSquared logo on the top part.
  • Added a diagonal hatch pattern on the top and bottom parts.
  • Added 0.3 mm clearance for the for M3 nuts on the bottom.
  • Added supports on the bottom that need to be removed after printing.
  • Corrected several errors.

Changes v1.0b

  • Removed holes on the top part.
  • Added four small cylindrical extrusions on the top that fit on the bottom
  • Removed nut spaces and bolt holes on the bottom.
  • Added four holes on the inside of the bottom to fit the extrusions.
  • extended diagonal hatch pattern on both parts of the case.

Diff Red = Original Case, Green = Alternative Case


As the original design it was based on, this case is shared as CC-BY-SA 4.0. All printing tests were performed on a Creality Ender3, all NURBS modeling is done with Rhino 5.

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