Allows to create custom events based on other custom events.
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Source Simplify defineCustomEvent by using some new 1.4 APIs. Sep 30, 2011

Custom Event

Allows to create custom events based on other custom events. Requires MooTools Core 1.3.


This Plugin is part of MooTools PowerTools!.


Build via Packager, requires MooTools Core to be registered to Packager already

packager register /path/to/custom-event
packager build Custom-Event/* > custom-event.js

To build this plugin without external dependencies use

packager build Custom-Event/* +use-only Custom-Event > custom-event.js


See Demos/index.html

How To Use

This plugin provies a method Element.defineCustomEvent

// Fires when the user presses control
Element.defineCustomEvent('control', {

	base: 'keydown',

	condition: function(event){
		return !!event.control;



document.addEvent('control', function(event){
	// doSomething


// Fires when the user presses both control and alt
Element.defineCustomEvent('control+alt', {

	base: 'control',

	condition: function(event){
		return !!event.alt;


document.addEvent('control+alt', function(event){
	// doSomething else

In addition there are also new "onSetup" and "onTeardown" events that get fired when the first listener gets added and when the last one got removed

// Example from MooTools Mobile ( )
var preventDefault = function(event){

Element.defineCustomEvent('touch', {

	base: 'touchend',

	condition: function(event){
		// code

	onSetup: function(){
		this.addEvent('touchstart', preventDefault);

	onTeardown: function(){
		this.removeEvent('touchstart', preventDefault);


There is also a new "hasEvent" method on Element to check whether an element has listeners associated to a specified event

if (myElement.hasEvent('click')) // this element has click events associated with it

Enable / Disable Custom Events

To disable or enable certain custom events global you can use


To enable them again you can use


There are onEnable and onDisable methods on custom events to manually handle a call do disable/enable:

var isEnabled = true;
Element.defineCustomEvent('myCustomEvent', {

	base: 'touchstart'

	condition: function(){
		return isEnabled;

	onEnable: function(){
		isEnabled = true;

	onDisable: function(){
		isEnabled = false;