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Automatically resizes textareas based on their content.
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Form AutoGrow

Automatically resizes textareas based on their content.


This Plugin is part of MooTools PowerTools!.


Build via Packager, requires MooTools Core and MooTools Class-Extras to be registered to Packager already

packager register /path/to/form-autogrow
packager build Form-AutoGrow/* > form-autogrow.js

To build this plugin without external dependencies use

packager build Form-AutoGrow/* +use-only Form-AutoGrow > form-autogrow.js


See Demos/index.html

How To Use

Create a new instance of Form.AutoGrow for your TextArea-Element

new Form.AutoGrow('myTextarea');


  • minHeightFactor (number, defaults to 2): The minimum textarea height based on the font-size
  • margin (number, defaults to 0): A margin to be added (subtracted) to the calculated textarea height

CSS Tips

Use the following CSS-Styles to get most out of Form.AutoGrow.

Hide the vertical scrollbar that sometimes appears in Webkit while resizing

textarea {
    overflow-y: hidden;

Hide the resize handle in Webkit

textarea {
    resize: none;

Animate the height via CSS-Transforms

textarea {
    -moz-transition-duration: 250ms;
    -webkit-transition-duration: 250ms;
    -o-transition-duration: 250ms;
    transition-duration: 250ms;
    -webkit-transition-property: height;
    -moz-transition-property: height;
    -o-transition-property: height;
    transition-property: height;
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