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+Form Placeholder
+Provides a fallback for the placeholder property on input elements for older browsers. Does not actually do anything in modern browsers.
+Build via [Packager](, requires [MooTools Core]( and [MooTools Class-Extras]( to be registered to Packager already
+ ./packager register /path/to/form-placeholder
+ ./packager build Form-Placeholder/* > form-placeholder.js
+To build this plugin without external dependencies use
+ ./packager build Form-Placeholder/* +use-only Form-Placeholder > form-placeholder.js
+See Demos/index.html
+How To Use
+Create a new instance of Form.Placeholder for your TextArea-Element
+ new Form.Placeholder('myInput');
+To check if the browser supports placeholders use
+ if (Form.Placeholder) // This browser supports placeholders
+Note that Form.Placeholder is forced in previous versions of Safari (<= 4). Safari 4 appears to support the placeholder property, but it contains bugs.
+* defaultColor (number, defaults to *#777*): The color to be used for the placeholder text
+* defaultValue (number, defaults to *null*): The default value to be used if no placeholder property was provided
+Use the following tips to get most out of Form.Placeholder.
+Style the color of the placeholder via CSS in Webkit based browsers
+ input::-webkit-input-placeholder {
+ color: #000;
+ }
+Note that not all modern browsers support to modify the placeholder color yet. If you absolutely need to change the placeholder color, you can force using Form.Placeholder
+ <script type="text/javascript">
+ // Force usage of Form.Placeholder in *all* browsers
+ var supportsPlaceholder = false;
+ </script>
+Note: Currently, in browsers without placeholder support, typing the same value as the placeholder will remove the content when you focus the input element again. Given that usually the placeholder is not a useful input value in the context of an application this is intentional. However, I am happy to pull from a fork if someone chooses to fix this (in a sane and simple way).
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