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dehenne commented Feb 14, 2012

Hi cpojer,

i include the HP TouchPad identification the Browser.isMobile attribute.
Because the is linux. Now I check on 'hp-tablet'' in the UA

i think hp-tablet is better then hpwOS
... i'm not sure, but it can be, that the webOS runs on desktop, too.
so hp-tablet is something unique.

best regards

cpojer commented Feb 14, 2012

What do you think about adding == 'touchpad'; and setting to 'webos' and Browser.Platform.webos = true?

I think that would be better.

dehenne commented Feb 14, 2012

In addition to the fix? It would be nice if isMobile is true.
But adding the Browser.Platform.webos and makes sense.

I commit a patch for Android and WebOS to the core

Maybe we can bring it all together or build on.

arian commented Feb 14, 2012

If this ticket mootools/mootools-core#2153 will be resolved, the isMobile property will be fixed automagically.

dehenne commented Feb 14, 2012

ahhh ... thats true
that happens when you develop with different versions -.-
so sorry

@cpojer cpojer closed this Aug 4, 2012
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