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PHP-Cache (PHP 5.3)

Abstract base library to cache any data to any backend. Uses file system as a fall back and for 'persistent' data.


  • Run the "run" script in the Specs directory


use Cache\Cache;

$c = new Cache('/path/to/file/cache', array(
	'prefix' => 'MyAppPrefix'

$c->store('anyKey', $anyData);
$c->retrieve('anyKey'); // returns $anyData !

Actual Use-Case Example

$data = $c->retrieve('data');
if (!$data){
	$data = doSomeExpensiveCalculation();
	$c->store('data', $data);

$data; // Has expensive data!

Or, with PHP 5.3 Style

$data = $c->retrieve('myKey', function($c, $key){
	return $c->store($key, doSomeExpensiveCalculation());

The above function is only being executed if there is no associated data to 'myKey'. If a function gets passed like this, the 'retrieve' method returns whatever the passed in function returns. As a convenience the 'store' method returns the input (= second argument).

Here There Be Tags

$c->store('a', 'banana banana banana', array(
	'tags' => 'bananas'

$c->store('b', 'apple apple banana', array(
	'tags' => array('apples', 'bananas')


$c->retrieve('a'); // null

See the Source or Specs for more