A simple jQuery plugin that draws grid columns to a twitter bootstrap enabled layout.
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A simple jQuery plugin that draws grid columns to a twitter bootstrap layout. Working better with non fluid layouts (container-fluid, row fluid).


  • By default it automatically adds a "show/hide grid" button and a key listener on the key 'l' (a small L that is).
  • The preview grid also by default starts in hidden mode


The github pages feature a simple demo: http://plozi.github.com/jQDrawBootstrapGrid/example/ex.html


screenshot of the demo site


  • Twitter Bootstrap

  • JQuery > 1.7.*


After adding the javascript source to your document, apply the plugin to the bootstrap ".container":



The default settings are:

         'columns':12,                     //define how much columns to draw
         'singleColumnName': 'span1',     //the css class name which you want to add for one column
         'color':'lightgrey',              //each columns background color
         'opacity':0.3,                    //opacity of the rendered grid
         'buttonLabel': 'Show/Hide Grid',  //the label for the button
         'startHidden':true,               //if we want the grid to be shown initially
          'includeMargin': false,          //if we include the original columns left margin
         'hiddenClassName': 'hidden',      //the css class name used in your bootstrap to hide elements -> visibility: hidden
         'keybinding': 'l'                 //hide/show grid on pressing this key

Support and Contribution

This little project is highly encouraging YOU to work on it!

Have a question, or found an issue? Just create a issue: https://github.com/plozi/jQDrawBootstrapGrid/issues


Christian Polzer

Copyright and License

The jQDrawBootstrapGrid Plugin is licensed under the MIT (http://www.opensource.org/licenses/mit-license.php) licenses.