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README_ole.txt for version 7.3 of Vim: Vi IMproved.
This archive contains gvim.exe with OLE interface and VisVim.
This version of gvim.exe can also load a number of interface dynamically (you
can optionally install the .dll files for each interface).
It is only for MS-Windows 95/98/ME/NT/2000/XP.
Also see the README_bindos.txt, README_dos.txt and README.txt files.
Be careful not to overwrite the OLE gvim.exe with the non-OLE gvim.exe when
unpacking another binary archive! Check the output of ":version":
Win32s - "MS-Windows 16/32 bit GUI version"
Win32 - "MS-Windows 32 bit GUI version"
Win32 with OLE - "MS-Windows 32 bit GUI version with OLE support"
For further information, type this inside Vim:
:help if_ole
Furthermore, this archive contains VISVIM.DLL. It can be used to integrate
the OLE gvim with Microsoft Visual Developer Studio. See VisVim/README.txt.