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Commits on Nov 22, 2011
  1. @ervandew @b4winckler

    Fix processing of netbeans messages

    ervandew authored b4winckler committed
    Processing of netbeans messages in macvim has been broken since
    b4winckler/macvim@1e08012 due to that
    processing being moved to gui_x11.c. Add similar block to gui_macvim.m
    to restore the processing of netbeans messages.
Commits on Nov 10, 2011
  1. @b4winckler

    Snapshot 63

    b4winckler authored
  2. @b4winckler

    Merge branch 'vim'

    b4winckler authored
Commits on Oct 26, 2011
  1. Added tag v7-3-353 for changeset 12bb368fef2c

    Bram Moolenaar authored
  2. updated for version 7.3.353

    Bram Moolenaar authored
    Problem:    Missing part of the urxvt patch.
    Solution:   Add the change in term.c
  3. Added tag v7-3-352 for changeset ca65249eb34b

    Bram Moolenaar authored
  4. updated for version 7.3.352

    Bram Moolenaar authored
    Problem:    When completing methods dict functions and script-local functions
    	    get in the way.
    Solution:   Sort function names starting with "<" to the end. (Yasuhiro
  5. Added tag v7-3-351 for changeset ff69efc4bc55

    Bram Moolenaar authored
  6. updated for version 7.3.351

    Bram Moolenaar authored
    Problem:    Text formatting uses start of insert position when it should not.
    	    (Peter Wagenaar)
    Solution:   Do not use Insstart when intentionally formatting.
  7. Added tag v7-3-350 for changeset 07956eab189c

    Bram Moolenaar authored
  8. updated for version 7.3.350

    Bram Moolenaar authored
    Problem:    Block of code after ":lua << EOF" may not work. (Paul Isambert)
    Solution:   Recognize the ":lua" command, skip to EOF.
  9. Added tag v7-3-349 for changeset 075acc2dccaa

    Bram Moolenaar authored
  10. updated for version 7.3.349

    Bram Moolenaar authored
    Problem:    When running out of memory during startup trying to open a
    	    swapfile will loop forever.
    Solution:   Let findswapname() set dirp to NULL if out of memory.
  11. Added tag v7-3-348 for changeset 4d4a328f199e

    Bram Moolenaar authored
  12. updated for version 7.3.348

    Bram Moolenaar authored
    Problem:    "call range(1, 947948399)" causes a crash. (ZyX)
    Solution:   Avoid a loop in the out of memory message.
  13. Added tag v7-3-347 for changeset 72528c5eb87e

    Bram Moolenaar authored
  14. updated for version 7.3.347

    Bram Moolenaar authored
    Problem:    When dropping text from a browser on Vim it receives HTML even
    	    though "html" is excluded from 'clipboard'. (Andrei Avk)
    Solution:   Fix the condition for TARGET_HTML.
Commits on Oct 20, 2011
  1. Updated runtime files.

    Bram Moolenaar authored
  2. Added tag v7-3-346 for changeset af76a61a7f79

    Bram Moolenaar authored
  3. updated for version 7.3.346

    Bram Moolenaar authored
    Problem:    It's hard to test netbeans commands.
    Solution:   Process netbeans commands after :sleep. (Xavier de Gaye)
  4. Added tag v7-3-345 for changeset 35f098371af6

    Bram Moolenaar authored
  5. updated for version 7.3.345

    Bram Moolenaar authored
  6. Added tag v7-3-344 for changeset 7ba2f171cdac

    Bram Moolenaar authored
  7. updated for version 7.3.344

    Bram Moolenaar authored
    Problem:    Problem with GUI startup related to XInitThreads.
    Solution:   Use read() and write() instead of fputs() and fread(). (James
  8. Added tag v7-3-343 for changeset 98a05814f1b4

    Bram Moolenaar authored
  9. updated for version 7.3.343

    Bram Moolenaar authored
    Problem:    No mouse support for urxvt.
    Solution:   Implement urxvt mouse support, also for > 252 columns.  (Yiding
  10. Added tag v7-3-342 for changeset 314d9368069e

    Bram Moolenaar authored
  11. updated for version 7.3.342

    Bram Moolenaar authored
    Problem:    Code not in Vim style.
    Solution:   Fix the style. (Elias Diem)
  12. Added tag v7-3-341 for changeset 6963603ec6dc

    Bram Moolenaar authored
  13. updated for version 7.3.341

    Bram Moolenaar authored
    Problem:    Local help files are only listed in help.txt, not in translated
    	    help files.
    Solution:   Also find translated help files. (Yasuhiro Matsumoto)
  14. Added tag v7-3-340 for changeset 49b08c9b9f5b

    Bram Moolenaar authored
  15. updated for version 7.3.340

    Bram Moolenaar authored
    Problem:    When 'verbosefile' is set ftplugof.vim can give an error.
    Solution:   Only remove filetypeplugin autocommands when they exist. (Yasuhiro
  16. Added tag v7-3-339 for changeset b5a2b4c0c1ca

    Bram Moolenaar authored
  17. updated for version 7.3.339

    Bram Moolenaar authored
    Problem:    "make shadow" doesn't link all test files.
    Solution:   Add a line in Makefile and Filelist.
Commits on Oct 12, 2011
  1. Added tag v7-3-338 for changeset 7919a3d7333b

    Bram Moolenaar authored
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