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Python client for the Echo Nest API
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Welcome to pyechonest, a python wrapper around the Echo Nest API (v4).

This client library should allow you to get started using the Echo Nest API quickly and easily. The only requirement is a developer API key, which you can get for free from

For documentation questions, please refer to the official api docs, which are available at

IMPORTANT: You must let pyechonest know about your API key before you use it. There are two ways to let pyechonest know about your API key:
	1. Set the variable ECHO_NEST_API_KEY in your environment to your key.
		(bourne-like shells) 	$ export ECHO_NEST_API_KEY=YOUR_API_KEY
		(c-like shells)		$ setenv ECHO_NEST_API_KEY YOUR_API_KEY
	2. In Python, do this:
		>>> from pyechonest import config

	Search for artist:
		>>> from pyechonest import artist
		>>> weezer_results ='weezer')
		>>> weezer = weezer_results[0]
		>>> weezer_blogs = weezer.blogs
		>>> print 'Blogs about weezer:', [blog.get('url') for blog in weezer_blogs]
	Get an artist by name:
	       	>>> from pyechonest import artist
	       	>>> a = artist.Artist('lady gaga')
	    	>>> print
	Get an artist from their Musicbrainz ID:
		>>> from pyechonest import artist
		>>> a = artist.Artist('musicbrainz:artist:a74b1b7f-71a5-4011-9441-d0b5e4122711')
		>>> print

	Get the top hottt artists:
		>>> from pyechonest import artist
		>>> for hottt_artist in artist.top_hottt():
		>>>     print, hottt_artist.hotttnesss
	Search for songs:
		>>> from pyechonest import song
		>>> rkp_results ='radiohead', title='karma police')
		>>> karma_police = rkp_results[0]
		>>> print karma_police.artist_location
		>>> print 'tempo:',karma_police.audio_summary['tempo'],'duration:',karma_police.audio_summary['duration']

	Get a song's audio_url and analysis_url:
		>>> from pyechonest import song
		>>> wn_results ='the national - wasp nest', buckets=['id:7digital'], limit=True)
		>>> wasp_nest = wn_results[0]
		>>> wn_tracks = wasp_nest.get_tracks('7digital')
		>>> print wn_tracks[0].get('preview_url')

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