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This is the home of authors' reference implementation of N3888: A Proposal to Add 2D Rendering and Display to C++. The Win32 version was written by Michael B. McLaughlin and currently requires Visual Studio 2013 (the free Express for Windows Desktop version works fine) and Windows Vista or newer (note: I've tested it on Windows 7 Ultimate SP1 and Windows 8.1 Pro, so while I think it should work in Vista I haven't had a chance to verify that yet). There are plans to create versions for additional platforms as time allows.

Please read the README before cloning or forking the code as there is important information there. Thanks!

Other Implementations

This section is where forks that contain alternate implementations will be listed. These links are provided as a courtesy only and are not an endorsement. So if one of these doesn't work right, causes your machine to catch fire, or generates a huge magnetic field causing meteors to slam into the Earth, it's not our fault! (If you create an implementation that can adjust the orbit of meteors, please contact your nearest astrophysicist.)

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