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IO2D Technical Specification Draft Sources

These are the sources used to generate drafts of the working paper for a proposal for an IO2D TS. These sources should not be considered an ISO publication, nor should documents generated from them unless officially adopted by the C++ working group (ISO/IEC JTC1/SC22/WG21).

More information about the C++ standard can be found at

Getting Started on Windows

  1. Install a Perl distribution. Strawberry Perl is free and simple to install. (This ensures that latexmk will work correctly).
  2. Install MiKTeX.
  3. Install TeXstudio.
  4. Run TeXstudio.
  5. In TeXstudio, under "Options" -> "Configure TeXstudio...", first make sure the "Show Advanced Option" box is checked, then select "Build" from the menu on the left of the "Configure TeXstudio" window and then under the "Meta Commands" section, change the "Default Compiler" to "txs:///latexmk" using the drop down menu.

You are now ready to edit and build TeX documents.

When working with a multi-document project, open up or switch to the main project document in TeXstudio, e.g. io2d.tex, then from the "Options" menu, select the "Define Current Document as 'Master Document'" option. This will allow you to compile the project without switching back to that main document. If you don't do that, then TeXstudio will try to compile whichever .tex document you are currently editing as though it were the main document (resulting in errors (unless you happen to be editing the actual main document)).

Getting Started on Mac OS X

Install the MacTeX distribution.

If you are on a slow network, you'll want to get the BasicTeX package instead, then run the following command to install the other packages that the draft requires:

sudo tlmgr install latexmk isodate substr relsize ulem fixme rsfs


To typeset the draft document, from the source directory:

  1. run latexmk -pdf io2d

That's it! You should now have an io2d.pdf containing the typeset draft.

Alternative instructions

If you can't use latexmk for some reason, you can use the Makefiles instead:

  1. run make rebuild
  2. run make reindex

If you can't use latexmk or make for some reason, you can run LaTeX manually instead:

  1. run pdflatex io2d until there are no more changed labels or changed tables
  2. run makeindex generalindex
  3. run makeindex libraryindex
  4. run makeindex impldefindex
  5. run pdflatex io2d twice more.

Generated input files

To regenerate figures from .dot files, run:

dot -o<pdfname> -Tpdf <dotfilename>

For example:

dot -ofigstreampos.pdf -Tpdf

To regenerate the grammar appendix, run the following from the source directory:


To regenerate the cross-references appendix, run the following from the source directory:



A great deal of gratitude goes out to Pete Becker for his amazing work in the original conversion of the C++ standard drafts to LaTeX, and his subsequent maintenance of the standard drafts up to C++11. Thank you Pete.

Thanks to Walter Brown for suggesting the use of latexmk.

Thanks to the above-mentioned folks for their hard work creating the C++ Standard Draft Sources, from which this borrows heavily.


The P0267 proposal drafts



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