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Implement the most basic SMTP client possible #102

glynos opened this Issue April 03, 2012 · 4 comments

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Glyn Matthews begemoth
Glyn Matthews

Implement a simple SMTP based on RFC (821)

Perhaps something like this:

using namespace boost::network;

smtp::client client("", 25);
smtp::message message;
message << smtp::login("XXX")
        << smtp::password("XXX")
        << smtp::sender_name("X")
        << smtp::sender_mail("X")
        << smtp::recipient("X")
        << smtp::subject("XXX")
        << smtp::body("YYY")
        << smtp::attachment("image.jpg")


I think if SMTP is to be added to the library it should implement RFC 2821 ( which superseded RFC 821.

Glyn Matthews
glynos commented July 18, 2012

Indeed, I don't know why I wrote 821.

Would you like to volunteer?


I can certainly try.

Glyn Matthews
glynos commented July 20, 2012


We have some things that you can already make a start with. We have a MIME implementation which needs some attention. The original author has not been able to give much time to it, but if you ask on the ML I'm sure we can find a way to make some progress.

Secondly, we have a kind of generic message type that you can use as the basis of the SMTP message class. This is all in Git, although there is not much documentation which could be helpful to developers. But, again, I and other contributors are accessible on the ML, so ask any more questions there and we could also use this to take the opportunity to develop some developer documentation.

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